Early days – Misty mornings in Bangalore. Sheetal drives to her yoga classes in town. There’s a loyal crowd waiting for her. Youngsters, middle aged men and women follow her instructions and perform an hour of Yoga. From Surya Namaskars to forward bends. From arm balances to inversions. They then return to their busy lives with a body and mind that’s refreshed, ready to take on the day with mindfulness.

Sheetal’s journey from a Zoology graduate to a Yoga instructor has been meandering.

“Yoga has influenced me since childhood.” Says Sheetal. Her grandfather in Kerala, where Sheetal spent her school days, was a naturalist who lived a life biding by yogic principles, nurturing various species of plants and animals. The household lived in harmony with nature and was adapted to the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The seeds of yoga were planted early in Sheetal. Although, she never imagined, at that time, of being a yoga instructor.

Yoga trainer – Sheetal went on to become a design graduate from NIFT, Delhi and excelled in a product/retail design career. Although, the career was challenging and fruitful, Sheetal felt that her skills were not being completely utilized. She explored her options and signed up for a yoga teachers training course.

There has been no looking back since then. After her certification as a yoga trainer, Sheetal gained tremendous teaching experience. She has also conducted yoga trainings in various corporate offices in Bangalore.


Fan following – People who attend her classes have only good things to say about her. She has helped people recuperate from health issues like frozen shoulder and knee injuries. Her clients love her classes and feel a world of difference after being trained by her.

Future – Sheetal is now part of an upcoming mindfulness space named Dhyaana where she teaches mindfulness and yoga. Her goal is to reach out to as many people across the globe and help them live a balanced life through yoga.

Instasuccess – The handle @sheetalyogee is a remarkable source of inspiration for yoga enthusiasts across the globe. Sheetal posts her experiences as a yogin and is widely followed on Instagram.


Her message for everyone – “I would like to ask everyone to step on the mat and try yoga. And when on the mat, drop all apprehensions. Do not judge the trainer or others around you. Yoga is a personal conversation between you and your body. Follow the instructor and immerse yourself in the process. Its a journey inward. All of us will feel the difference if we commit to yoga without any preconceived notions.”




Ranjith Vallathol is a Bangalore based wellness consultant and can be reached at ranjith@thathasthuwellness.com