Yoga, today is a global phenomenon. It’s a science that is now bypassing borders and connecting people all across the globe. Resonating with this global culture of Yoga, there are a bunch of Indian youngsters who are making a global mark in the Yoga space. If you are on Instagram following yogis, you would definitely be following Samrat Goud Pasham. Samrat is an inspiration for yogis across the globe. You would find him performing the toughest asanas with absolute ease. Here is a quick look at this young yogi’s journey.




Entering the Yoga space

“If you had asked me to perform a forward bend and touch my toes, two years ago, I would have scoffed it off.” Says Samrat with a smile remembering the person he was, a couple of years back. Samrat, like most Bangaloreans, was a techie, working odd hours to support clients abroad. His life was erratic shifts at job, deadlines to meet, stress, easy money, unwinding during weekends and winding in the corporate culture during the week.

Samrat found himself weighing 101 Kgs and was also diagnosed with acute hyperthyroidism. To add to the woes, his metabolism was disrupted and he had stress related issues. They say, when you are digging yourself into a hole, stop digging. Samrat focused on nutrition and workout. Meanwhile he enrolled for a yoga class. And he liked it. He realised yoga making subtle, positive changes to his mind and body. The rest, as they say, is history. Yoga has been a huge mental shift for him. A normal weight and thyroid under control, Samrat is now a yogi with all health parameters at its best.


Samrat now

Samrat is now a full time Yoga trainer based in Hyderabad. He also conducts corporate yoga sessions there. He takes time out to practice for at least an hour daily. Samrat is also in the process of setting up his full-fledged operations in Hyderabad.

A few common questions answered.

Q – I am not flexible. Yoga is about flexibility. I hesitate going to a yoga class because of my inflexibility.

Samrat – If you are not flexible, that is exactly the reason why you would want to hit the mat. No one is born flexible and strong. Dedicated practice makes one flexible. I think Yoga is a great work out to start and everyone must try it.

Q – Isn’t Yoga meant for more women? Do men do Yoga?

Yoga is for both men and women. Give it a start. Men can benefit massively. Women can also gain a lot of strength through Yoga.

And for everyone out there, Samrat speaks about the Law of Marginal gains or Law of aggregating marginal returns.

The law states that by effecting changes in small deltas on various parts of your life/body, the cumulative effect is unimaginably huge. So bring that small, 1% change in your strength of each part of your body through Yoga and before you realize it, you would be performing yoga like a boss. It is about regular practice and every asana is possible.

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Ranjith Vallathol is a Wellness consultant based in Bangalore.