Winter Package

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Winters are the months of Vata where the movement of dry air is high. The Skin and hair, have a tendency to dry and crack. Thathasthu Wellness introduces the winter package. Everything you need to keep your skin healthy and glowing during these harsh winter months.

Abhyanga Oil – Our most loved product. An all year skin nourisher. Sesame oil, known as the king among medicinal oils makes the core of this formulation. Perfect for the winter months.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil – The reason why the hair oil is a best seller is that this oil works on the environment of the scalp. It creates a condition in the scalp for the hair follicles to be healthy, nourishes it, moisturizes it and keeps it healthy. this way, there is lush hair growth, hair fall is reduced and dandruff is a no-no.

Dry Bath Powder – Soaps have contents that dry up the skin. In the dry months of winter, the bath powder comes as a savior. The neem in the powder is ani bacterial. The tulsi keeps inflammations away and the Yashtimadhu gives your skin the much-needed moisturization.

Jasmine & Moringa Body butter – Jasmine & Moringa are the superstars among healing herbs. Together they will keep the skin healthy, toxin-free and moisturized. Soak in the richness of this body butter post-shower.

Forest Honey & Wild Rose Lip Balm – Cracked lips are common during winters. Here is a formulation of forest honey from the hills of Wayanad, Kerala and Wild Rose that will keep your lips supple and well soaked in the goodness of nature.

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The Perfect solution for dry and cold winter hair and skincare. The Package includes –

  • Ayurvedic Hair Oil – 1

Keeps hair well toned and nourished.

  • Abhyanga Oil – 1

The most recommended activity for skin care during winters is Abhyanga. A self massage with the Ananda Abhyanga oil ensures that skin is supple and nourished from inside.

  • Coconut & Vanilla Lip Balm – 1

You can choose to select the lip balm of your choice. Chemical free lip balm – a perfect solution for cracked lips.

  • Dry Bath Powder – 1

The perfect herbal alternative for Soap and a paste that warms the skin and removes pollutants and moisturises the skin instead of the usual dryness that comes from use of soap.

  • Moringa & Jasmine Body Butter – 1

Our winter super star, the Moringa & Jasmine Body Butter is the best skin care agent when it comes to tackling dry skin.

  • Lavendar & Ashwagandha Body Lotion – 1

A perfect product for all day moisturisation or for night time usage.


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