Honey has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and probiotic properties. It contains monosaccharides, glucose, and high quantity of fructose. It also has floral flavonoids.

1. Gives a tough fight to cancer.

The flavonoids in the honey keep cancer at the bay. It reduces the cancer cells marginally. A study by NCBI verifies the claim.

2. Ulcers reduction and Gastric complications

Yes, honey can very well handle the stomach ulcers. The anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties make it able to treat the ulcers. The gut of the consuming honey person also remains healthy due to these properties.

3. Cough and Infection

For the ages, Ayurveda recommends honey as a remedy for the cough and minor throat infections. The anti-bacterial quality of honey can treat almost all types of cough.

4. Skin Benefits


The people consuming honey on a daily basis will have radiant and spotless skin. Due to its antiseptic and anti-fungal, direct application of Raw Forest Honey on the face will surely reduce the pimples, dark spots and dead skin cells. Honey acts as an immuno-modulatory agent and removes all skin disorders. It also enhances the complexion of a person.

12. Boots the Immune system

With all its amazing qualities mentioned, honey stimulates the growth of the Immune cells. In the long run, honey makes a marginal difference in the health of the consumer by strengthening the Immune System.

A big question: Can people suffering from diabetes take honey?

The Answer is YES. People suffering from diabetes can consume all the natural sugars but they cannot take the man-made sugars. Once processed foods lose their natural qualities, so does honey. There is no harm in taking organic raw forest honey but there is the harm in consuming the adulterated or even processed honey.


How to consume

  • We can consume the “raw forest honey” with almost everything that requires powdered/crystal sugar. In simple words, it can replace the sugar (well in most of the cases).
  • We can use it in milk, yogurt or simply take a spoonful of it.
  • Take it in warm water with lemon juice to shed those extra kilos.


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