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    Last week I bought a cart load of items from Thathasthu wellness. While I am yet to arrive at a final review for many of them, Forest Honey & Rose Lip Balm was the first one to win my heart! I have extremely dry lips, summer or winter. I have also tried and tested almost all popular brands available, but I couldn’t stick on to one yet. I had to use lip scrub to keep my lips soft. That is when I got this gem in my hands. The balm has a very soft consistency and it spreads very smoothly on your lips – it has a very pleasing smell and keeps your lips supple and soft for a very long time! It gives a beautiful tint to my lips as well (may differ based on your lip color)

    If you may ask about any improvements possible, we need to use our fingers to take and apply the balm. Considering the covid situations, if we can have a tube based application as well, that would be icing on the cake.

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    Since years, my lips were always total dry, cracked and peeling. Even after applying some known brands, lips would still instantly dry up. hardly Gratefully, I came across feel.fit.foodie insta post about Thathasthu wellness. I had good gut feeling about this brand and decided to try their products out. So lip balm (forest honey, rose & coconut oil) was one of my first purchases. It’s been 4 months now & my lips are so smooth , soft & moisturised whole day…. and above all, my lips is looking more pinkish than before 😁😍… My mom is also loving it 😁🤩… So grateful for this product !!

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