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Abhyanga Oil

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As per Ayurveda, self-massage on a regular basis is prevention and cure for a host of illnesses. The Ananda Abhyanga oil is a blend of the best known healing oils on earth and is blended with healing love by Thathasthu Wellness.

How To Use

Apply the Abhyanga Oil all over body and massage well. Leave for 20 minutes and proceed to shower.

For best results, follow up with Ananda Dry Bath powder during shower.

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12 reviews for Abhyanga Oil

  1. With so many similar products in the market I was doubtful to use this one. But this oil is so different than the rest. Ananda Abhyanga (self massage) oil has great essence apart from the medicinal properties that it has. It has amazing soothing and relaxing aroma which totally relaxes you. Unlike regular massage oils, this oil leaves you with a pleasant citric plus minty aroma. 5 stars for this amazing product at this price point. Thankyou Thathasthu Wellness!
    I got one for myself, planning to buy it for parents too 🙂

  2. Few things I loved about the oil
    1) The aroma. The oil smells divine.
    2) Post-shower feels – My skin remains supple throughout the day and has a bright tone to it.
    3) I noticed that I sleep better the days I use the Abhyanga oil.

    Thanks, Thathasthu, Love the stuff you guys are churning out.

  3. I have a weekend routine of slowing down and doing a few body rituals. This massage oil just added so much more to it. I love love the aroma. The goodness of the oil also remains after the shower. My first bottle is almost over and a repeat order is on its way Thathasthu Wellness.

  4. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I earthly fragrance makes you feel relaxed and calms your mind. In love with this oil. Again another must buy! Keep up the good work, looking forward for more such amazing products thathasthu wellness!

  5. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I bought the abhyanga oil the previous month and since I couldn’t use it as much I did not notice anything. But I made a point to use the abhyanga oil before taking a bath and before sleeping. More than the actual oil, which in itself is amazing, the abhyanga practice lets you sit with yourself and connect with your body. The oil with its earthy smell, grounds you and it’s just you and your body for the 10 mins. The oil is moisturizing, rich and acts like a connection to our ancient practice of Ayurveda.

  6. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    The oil I was most excited for was the Nalpamaradi oil. Its golden hue, the yellow healthy imprint of turmeric on the skin and the smell, it is a must have for me. It does stain on lighter clothes but it only tells me about the purity of turmeric used. The oil is now an essential part of my self care routine.

  7. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    Thank you Thasthastuwellness for this amazing self massage oil… It’s work wonderful on your skin.
    The aroma and post shower it’s feels great.

    Thanks again for lovely natural products range…
    I can suggest combination of self massage oil + dry bath powder. It’s amazing and the skin become so smooth that even you don’t need body Moisturizer.

  8. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    My mom has eczema and for years she took all kind of medicines to cure it but nothing worked. The itching used to turn into a bleeding wound and winters were a nightmare as the friction between the skin and the thermals used to increase the itching It’s been just 3 months she started using Abhyanga Oil post shower everyday, she puts a drop of it in her belly button and now the eczema has reached to a stage where it doesn’t itch anymore. She has stopped her medication and just use this oil regularly.
    For joint pains too she massages her knees and wrists with the oil and it reduces the pain completely.
    Thank you Thathasthu Wellness for this amazing product. 🙂

  9. This oil is pure gold!! Will totally recommend it to people with sleep irregularities. Massaged myself with the oil, listened to music & sat for 30mins…. slept like a baby that night. Got up so fresh. The aroma is soothing & warm. After a bath with the Shea butter soap sample Ranjith gave me… my skin felt soft & a layer of goodness remained. Would recommend to cover your body as much as you can post the massage as it helps retain the goodness longer. Yes, I wore pants & I could still feel an effervescence even after a day.

  10. I always use this oil post workout before taking shower. It really helps my body to release all pain magically. It also leaves skin feel so soft. I like to pair it with dry bath powder for that ultimate abhyanga feel.

  11. That feeling when a product gives you a wow feeling is rare. The aroma of the abhyanga oil is very uplifting and so unique. After application, you can see the oil being absorbed into the skin. My post-bath feeling was so good I wanted to scream to the world that this is the best oil ever. Thank you Ranjith for your passion towards such enriching products.
    – From a very happy, and a lifelong customer.

  12. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I have an extremely dry & flaky skin, this oil has proved to be a blessing to my skin. I am reviewing this product after using it for more than 2 weeks and I have absolutely zero complaints about it.
    It is extremely hydrating & moisturising and soaks into your skin very nicely. The smell is very subtle and not at all overwhelming. Improved my skin texture a lot. I alternate between applying this and nalpamaradi tailam (which too is pure gold). Both the oils have also improved the skin of my elderly parents. Must try!!!

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