Sarvesam Svastir Bhavatu (May everyone be Healthy and happy)

Sarvesam Shantir Bhavatu (May there be peace in all)

Sarvesam Purnam Bhavatu (May there be completeness in all)

Sarvesam Mangalam Bhavatu (May there be prosperity in all)


Human life is always a work in progress. We as individuals have our preferences, inclinations, likes and dislikes. These tendencies interact with a multitude of factors in the environment. This interaction influences our own behavior, mannerisms and thought process. Such busy is our mind working with the environment that oftentimes, we do not pay attention to our changing self.

Being on top of these changes and driving the tendencies gives better control over life and our happiness quotient.

For the month of August, here are 7 activities that could help you move in a constructive, positive direction. These steps touch different aspects of our lives which help being happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous. These steps are can be executed right away.


  • Go to bed half an hour early. Get up half an hour early.



The number of my clients who sleep past midnight is alarmingly high. Nature works in a simple way. When it’s dusk, the body produces melatonin. This hormone is the repairman of the body. When you are fast asleep, melatonin is repairing your worn out muscles, fixing torn connective tissues and undertaking a whole lot of maintenance work. Not sleeping early is denying your body this much needed housekeeping break. The day then begins as normal on the surface, but deep within; your body is running on tired, high-tension systems. This cycle repeats day after day until it starts snapping. In the form of various health disorders.

To cut the story short, sleeping early and getting up early is a life-saver. Take an actionable step by going to bed half an hour early (keeping the phone away.) and waking up half an hour early. Your body will thank you for this.

  • Reduce/Stop watching TV



Although for some of you, stopping TV time could be taking it too far; it’s a step that will go a long way in total wellbeing. Firstly, 90% of TV is a waste of time. This time can be used spending with family, pets, studies or just spending time with self. A lot of people depend on the TV as their unwinding time. Choose healthier options to unwind. For that matter, sipping a glass of wine while cooking with some music playing in the background is better than being glued to the TV. Every month millions of dollars are spent on controlling the public mind. Most of this happens via the TV. Don’t be a robot of such institutions. Choose to be different. And choose to keep away from TV.


  • Start a piggy bank.



Here is what I do. I have a book where I save my extra notes. I save them, imagining they were spent, so I never take it back. 10 notes of 10 rupees replace 1 note of 100 rupees. When I save 5 notes of 100; I replace it with a 500 Rupee note. When I have saved 4 notes of 500, I replace it with a 2000 rupee note. The aim is to collect 50 notes of 2000 rupees. I end up saving 1 lakh rupees. This fund can then be used for investment, travel or any expense that I want.

Start a piggy bank now. At the end of the day, keep away your spare change; Never to use it again. You’ll soon see the beauty of how drops actually make an ocean. A word of caution, there is usually high enthusiasm to start one and contribute notes and coins to it; but it somehow ends up being used. Set a self-imposed rule not to touch it until you reach a time goal or an amount goal.


  • Identify one behavior to improve your work ethic.



You could belong to any category – Salaried, self-employed, stay at home parent, student, sportsperson or unemployed – All of us work. All of us move. The difference in people who succeed in what they do is often their work ethic. The Greek meaning of the work ethic is “The science of morals.”. Breaking it down further, the definition of morals is “A person’s standard of behavior.”

Now analyze (critically) your standard of behavior at work. There will surely be one thing, just one act or one change in thinking or behavior that can improve your work ethic. Identify that one immediate change. Implement it immediately. Action this change from the next 30 days.

Having a supreme work ethic is a sure shot way to success and personal gratification.

  • Plant a tree

No matter who you are, which part of the world you are from, what standard of living you live, all of us have a responsibility towards our environment. The very air we breathe is a benevolent gift of nature. Think about what you are personally doing to give back to nature. Here is how you could start, buy a pot with mud, plant a tree/plant. If you have access to mother earth, plant a tree. Spend five minutes a day watering it, just watching it. Imagine the cumulative effect of every person on this planet planting one plant. Plant a tree and send us a picture of the plant to . We’ll share it on our social media platforms.


  • Stop complaining


Sigmund Freud came up with the term defense mechanism. It’s a natural response of an individual when an intended motive is not satisfied. Say you want to reach your office by 9:00 am. You are confronted with traffic jam that’s unusual and you are sure to be late. This triggers stress and anxiety. The mind then uses defense mechanisms – Complaining is one of them. You might find yourself complaining about the condition of roads, the manic drivers, the lack of proper infrastructure planning or just blaming your fate.

Complaining kills. It decreases your energy frequencies, induces stress and in long term, this repeated behavior starts manifesting into physical aches and pains.

The solution is simple, when the mind triggers the defense mechanism, consciously stop. Don’t complain. Take responsibility. Commit to yourself that you will get out early by waking half an hour early. By this simple act of stopping the complaining thought, we stop a series of events that could have tragic manifestations.

Stop complaining and take responsibility of your life in its present situation. You are responsible and you are the solution. No other person or no other god can get you out of this.

  • Help someone you don’t know

I live in Bangalore, the cyber city of India. I was under the impression that even beggars here don’t accept free food or petty change. How was I help people then ?

My friend, who is busy in her work most weekdays, sets out on her scooter on Saturdays. She goes to the nearby restaurant and buys a few take away meals. She then roams the streets finding people to give these food packets to. Surprisingly, she always manages to find enough people who need food.

Apart from being individual islands, we are a collective whole. Our responsibility lies also in rising up from our selfish goals and helping and being compassionate to others. Find your ways to help people. It’s a satisfaction no one can deny.

I would recommend you to start putting these steps into action and let me know If it helps. The more I hear from you, the more this knowledge will help others.

Om Shanti

Ranjith Vallathol